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60 («).   KARNATA.
I wore a cap and rolled a garment over it; put on a
laced-cloak and consumed garlic and seasmum Hour served
bv an unshorn widow; ate porridge with butter-milk, and
abandoned delicacies as if they were sins. 0 ! ilother, the
Goddess of the Karnata Kingdom, have yon. still no pity on
me ? I am Srmatha (18).
Srlnatha and Mumma :—0! Good poet Miimma, be kind to
me in the presence of the king Praudhadevaraya; I can
compose poetry which is equal hi pleasantness to the
fragrance of the aragvadha flowers worn in the matted locks of
(the god'i Virupaksa of Pampa; in melody to the harmonious
sounds produced by the lofty waves of the Tnngabhadra; in
sweetness to the bunches of grapes grown in the plantain
gardens of Kalasa ; and in splendour to the lustre of gold and
gems of the ear-rings worn by the damsels of Karnata (19).
60 (ff).   NARIVAOU.
The boundary between the kingdoms of Eottdavldu and
Vijayanagara :—Did not Arjuna hide his G-andiva in a tree
at the command of Dharmaja? Similarly, at the command of the
Goddess of learning, I also kept my titles with humility
near the streamlet Narivagu with the object of picking them
up again on my way back to the Telugu country (20).
60 (h),   M&RELLA SlMA.
Marella-sima shines, indeed, by its prosperity. In the
middle of the village streets are stones and stone-mortars;
thejilledu (arka) plant grows in abundance in the precincts of
every village; the savadis (travellers' camping places) stand
apart; the people put on a vadadolu (a leather garment ?)
about their waist; eat multi-coloured food and porridge carried
in Jcavadis ; and drink water that oozes out (of the ground or
the rocks). The temples are desolate and ruinous; and the
naga-stones are the only gods that are worshipped (22).